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Detestor EP - Digital Download

Detestor EP - Digital Download

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Digital version of the 'Detestor' EP 
+ Instrumentals 
+ lyrics  

High-quality MP3 and WAV download.

1. Ocean Drinker
2. Furvus
3. Harm
4. Beware
5. Detestor (feat. Jessica Curry)
6. Ocean Drinker - Instrumental
7. Furvus - Instrumental
8. Harm - Instrumental
9. Beware - Instrumental
10. Detestor (feat. Jessica Curry) - Instrumental

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Buster Odeholm at Impact Studios
Cover Artwork by Igor Omodei
Drum programming co-produced by Chris George
Additional Vocals on the track Detestor by Jessica Curry taken from the original track "Mors Praematura"